Albion Online: Different & Customize UI

  • I don't mean to be rude, but is it possible to get different / customize UI for PC version? The current one seems like its made for Tablets, I'd prefer something smaller and clean while still detailed. For example the skill buttons on the right side are huge balls which just take unnecessary amount of screen space and seem bit out of place when you compare at other PC ARPG's / MMO's. Inventory also seems very dumbed down and everything is just large icons and makes me feel its made so you could easily use your fingers to move items etc.

    Something about the name tags also irritate me when there is more players on the screen, those tag kinda takes away my attention and I can't see whats happening under (especially in PVP battles). I think the name tags might stand out too much from other art. Is there option to only show name tags when you mouse over player? The quest tracker could use some work too. Overall the UI makes me feel like this is Android / IOS game ported to PC when it should be other way around.

    Anyway, I do not own the game yet and all this is based on the videos and screenshots I've seen on the Internet. So I don't know if there is already options to customize the UI in game but that's the only thing that turns me off when I hear about this game. Hopefully I was not too rude, I still love the fact that you can play on tablets and this UI is great for that but when I switch to play on PC I'd like something different, although I have a lot of Albion Online Power Leveling in the game. Aside from UI I think you guys have created something truly amazing and can't wait to try it out when I get a chance.