Blade And Soul Censorship Approaching 4Kids Level Stupidity

  • For those looking to get up to speed quickly read the first post including spoiler text Don't bother reading the whole thread unless you want to get angry at a few morons defending censorship. I will link more relevant and important info right here.

    With that out of the way here's a quick overview of other things i've discovered while reading the forums:

    Censorship Related
    The localization team is deleting posts on the forums which criticize their decisions instead of forwarding the posts to CM's/Moderators.

    Quests are being altered to remove content they find personally offensive or not "welcoming" enough.

    Story/NPC dialogue being altered to turn the player into a strict hero archetype with no moral failings or Blade & Soul Items. Villains are now stereotypical cartoon-tier evil.

    Lingerie removed and turned into cash shop item. Replaced with regular bra and panties, default poses also changed. Picture

    Surnames are being erased by mashing them together with given names (example: Bruce Wayne becomes Brucewayne, Do Chun becomes Dochun) I consider this kind of cultural erasure to be censorship and it's also retarded as fuck.

    Localization Related
    Memes have been added and in many cases it turns a situation meant to be taken seriously into a comical one. (side note: what's with social justice types adding memes into everything they write, translate or localize?)

    Story being dumbed down. Removal of foreshadowing is resulting in a confusing/inferior experience.
    Game lore is being altered or changed outright because they feel it doesn't make sense.

    NPC personalities changed or randomly swapped around with other NPC's for no discernible reason.
    Titles are replacing names entirely in some cases.