Facebook taking longer time to load issue fixed

  • There are plenty number of reasons which causes Facebook work slower. Here are some of the common issues with their solutions among them.

    Incorrect Time settings of Device in which Facebook is using: Issue in time settings of the device in which a user is accessing its Facebook account will further leads to bad experience. Suppose your device’s time and date is nearly one week later, your Facebook will be causing issues in loading. No matter how your fast your Internet connection is or how compatible your device is.

    An updated browser is must: Yes, an updated browser is a must for better and fast Facebook experience as an updated browser protects you from corruption and other related issues happened with an outdated browser. Instead of trying out to find the problem with Browser, better to update it as soon as possible. An outdated browser can not only cause issues with Facebook but also with other multiple sites.

    Excess of Browser Extensions and Add-ons: Excess of everything is bad ad same goes with your Device. By adding too much Browser Add-ons and Extensions may cause Facebook works improperly slow. It is strongly recommended to add only those add-ons which are useful for you and from trusted sites. Remember that browser add-ons are the source of hacking and it will badly affect your privacy too.

    Remove Browser cache: Temporary files and Cookies: Usually every browser uses cookies to improve their user’s browsing experience. It stores data for the recovery of same data again in case user asks for the same information again. It would be better to clean your Facebook cache after usage for a good speed and user experience.

    Virus attacks: This is probably the main reason for loading the Facebook slowly and not displaying it properly. Browsers are easy to target as the user clicks on any malware website and the browser will be infected. Without your awareness, your browser settings will be changed according to its own need and advantage. Having an updated antivirus is must in a device.

    If none of the above procedure helps you in accessing your Facebook account, Dial Facebook toll free number Australia+1-855-777-5686 for instant help regarding Facebook issues by our tech experts available 24*7.

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