how to use ankle holster

  • We're taking a look at this new style ankle holster on the inside or outside of your leg. Alright guys this is a new artical. I'm really excited to make because it's something I've been looking for a long time there's a lot of people out there that like ankle carry whether they choose to use it as their primary method or like me or a backup gun your ankle is a part of your body that's constantly moving throughout the day. 


    So, it's important if you're going to carry a gun on your ankle to make sure that it's very comfortable and that brings us to the bug bite ankle holster.


    I personally have tried a lot of different ankle carry methods in the past and I've never found anything that was really comfortable something. I was happy with and really felt like the gun with secure down there until the bug bite this is a really unique design most ankle holsters tend to be kind of bulky.

    You can see how thin this thing is it literally takes over zero space other than the width of your gun so let's get right into the features of this holster. Now there are a lot of holsters out there that are custom fitted to your gun which is great but that's not going to add to the comfort factor of the holster the bugbite holster is custom fitted to the size of your leg which is really the coolest part of this design and why is so much more comfortable than every other option.


    It's made of a really soft stretchy neoprene material that feels really good up against your leg also once. I get my trusty flashlight out here you can see that it does have vent holes all throughout the whole holster. what that does is that's going to allow air to get through there that's going to make it very breathable.


    I have been wearing this holster every day for a couple weeks. now and all the stitching seems to be really good seems to be holding up well there are a couple areas that, I think may wear out over time it.


    Does have a zipper here that you unzip you slide on the holster and when you zip that back down it really makes it secure around the bottom part of your ankle. also, it has tension strap up here at the top you just pull that tension strap as tight as it needs to be and lock it down and you don't have to worry about that moving at all if you look here on the inside you'll see that it has these little grippy ribs on the inside to help keep it from sliding and moving around on your ankle.