• Now if you're anything at all like me, you love a beer event! Right now our German players in Munich have the perfect excuse for not being right here – they are occupied celebrating Oktoberfest – the greatest beer event in the world, and the inspiration for the next up-date I want to talk about.

    Since the beginning of time, Lumbridge has seen its fair share associated with action – be it goblin invasions, 1st birthdays, restless ghosts, warring gods, prawn employers or sandcastle contests – but it's time to forget everything and raise the glass to Novtumberfest, the first annual Gielinor beer festival!

    It is the ultimate in Bavarian-style celebrations, as we lock arms with Alfred Grimhand, over fifteen and a half years since his original Barbarian Bar Crawl. It's a huge party within the Lumbridge crater, complete with table dancing along with a brand-new crawl around the globe. You'll also be able to try out a brand new, seasonal minigame called 'Kegger‘ wherever you'll be practicing your own bartending skills for a few epic loot – thigh-slapping outfits, huge tankards, wolpertingers, clip or barrel pets, dance emotes, and we'll chuck a bit of XP inside too. Novtumberfest is the Cheap Runescape 2007 Gold greatest way to relax following a heavy XP session, so get trapped in. There's truly not long to wait.