The list of FIFA 18 career registers

  • Most people who like to make careers manager on FIFA 18, like to evolve young players. The goal is to FIFA 18 Ultimate team hack free coins have players as strong as Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. With the regens, it is now more than possible to have players of this talent. You will surely have to recruit his young regens so that you can progress in your career on FIFA 18.

    What is a regen on FIFA 18?

    The term "regen" refers to a new player created in the game FIFA 18 by the retirement of a player. For example, Andrea Pirlo, a player from New York City, retires after a year in the FIFA 18 career. You will not be able to play with this player. On his departure, a new player will appear to replace him and become the future Pirlo.

    Andrea Pirlo has, therefore, finished his career in New York City as MC. To How to cheat FIFA 18? find your regen, you have to go into the player search on the menu of your FIFA 18 career. You select the MLS championship, the MC and you choose the age between 16 and 24 years old. Attention: do not put a club, just the championship. You will find a player who will surely not have the same characteristics (color, font, size, weight) as Andrea Pirlo. However, this player is his regen. In addition, the reagents vary according to each carrier. So you hack fifa 18 illimite coins will not have the same player in different FIFA 18 careers.


    You just have to do this manipulation at each career end of your favorite players to acquire their regens.

    The list of the best FIFA regens 18

    PlayerpostAgeGeneral Cristiano Ronaldo AG 31 94 Messi AD 29 93 Suarez DRANK 29 92 Neuer GB 30 92 Ibrahimovic DRANK 34 90 Modric MC 30 89 Thiago Silva DC 31 89 Sergio Ramos DC 30 89 Chiellini DC 31 88 Lloris GB 29 88 Godin DC 30 88 Lahm DD 32 88 Pepe DC 33 88 Cech GB 34 88 Buffon GB 38 88 Iniesta MC 32 88 Bonucci DC 29 87 Vidal MC 29 87 David Silva OMC 30 87 Handanovic GB 31 87 dive DC 29 87 Robben MD 32 87 Cavani DRANK 29 86 Miranda DC 31 86 Marchisio MC 30 86 Cesc Fabregas MC 29 86 Ribery MG 33 86 Santi Cazorla MC 31 86 Barzagli DC 35 86