How to Activate BOB Mobile Banking

  • How to activate BOB Mobile Banking Using (M-Connect Plus): As all the user of Bank of Baroda know that it has been well service provider and trustable bank. Even it’s always providing latest faculty with the help of which customers of BOB may get benefits. Now it has recently launched a very useful and valuable app named M – Connect Plus all the customers of BOB will be able to activate mobile banking or Baroda M – Connect Plus by using their Smartphones. The entire account holder of BOB with the help of their phones, you will be eligible to do banking transactions with the facility of the mobile banking and Bank of Baroda M – Connect Plus. To availing of this faculty you don’t have go anywhere or any branch at all. Just take your mobile in your hand and download app for Baroda M – Connect and activate Mobile Banking and do transactions wherever you want to do. While using this app doesn’t worry at all to think about it that least anybody should misuse it. It is entirely safe and also secure way to transfer money anytime and anywhere. Keep enjoying dear users there will not be restriction on any transactions come what may.

    Benefits of Mobile Banking (M-Connect Plus)

    Now, you must be thinking what all you can do with the help of this app. So, don’t get nervous we are here to clear your nervousness. If you install this app though play store afterwards, you will be able to check you your account balance and mini statement. You can also transfer money not only from your Baroda account to Baroda bank but also any other bank through BOBibanking IMPS Fund Transfer and NEFT. If you ever wish to recharge your mobile then you can very easily. So, as I told you above that if you want to avail of this facility then you can get online with the help of your phone. But if by mistake you are not having online facility to activate it, then you can normally activate and register for Mobile Banking. You will have to visit either nearest branch of Bank of Baroda or ATM. After completing your registration, you will get an application password and mPIN. It is going to be very essential for you but also important to activate your mobile banking services. So, kindly do one thing if you really wish to have it, now you can proceed further to get the benefits of this chance.

    How to Get BOB Mobile Banking (M-Connect Plus)

    Hi dear user now we will guide you that how you can avail of Baroda M-Connect Plus App through Registration and Activation Process. There are not many steps to have it, just follow and complete below mentioned three steps for Baroda M – Connect Plus.

    • You can do registration by filling registration form.
    • What you have to do, kindly download software from Play Store.
    • Do complete Activation.

    Now, what you have to do just check the registration and activation process from below. You can register for M – Connect either way online and offline mode.

    Baroda M-Connect plus Registration:

    • You can do it by visiting Bank of Baroda Branch.
    • With the help of Internet banking.
    • Through Unified Payment Interface (UPI).
    • You can do Mobile Banking Registration by ATM

    Features of BOB Mobile Banking Services

    Features of Bob’s are here, read and see below instructions carefully and know what all features are available.

    • It is very convenient you can easily access to your account, because there is Easiest BOB Registration and Activation Process available.
    • You can secure your login and transactions thoroughly with the help of two passwords, first login and second mPIN password.
    • There is good news for the entire user, sometimes it happens one is unable to identify, where to click on. But here Icon-based menu are available, which will help you to access your account easily.
    • The entire users have to remember that GPRS and SMS charges are applicable as per Service Provide. Because it runs on GPRS mode in Android, Window and Blackberry, IOS. Both SMS and GPRS mode are available in JAVA phones.

    Special Features of Baroda M-Connect Plus

    Special Features of BOB are here, by which you will come to know that you are taking right decision using M – Connect Plus. So, read below mentioned features one by one so that you may feel happiness of having it.

    • SB, OD, Loan, CA, CC, PPF accounts will be linked.
    • Customer details view 360 degrees.
    • Graphical representation for mini statement.
    • Cheque Book request service available.
    • Alert features are added in the Bank of Baroda cards payment.
    • In NEFT & IMPS, Alpha numeric account number enables.
    • Easy & Simple user interface.
    • Option available to save favorite transactions.
    • Silent SMS issue has resolved.
    • In case of handset changed, you can Login the app by using application password and mPIN.
    • Customer ID based Registration.
    • Cash on mobile service (cardless cash withdrawal).
    • Hindi and Gujarati languages are added.
    • Scan and Pay Service.
    • Simplified MMID reset/ generation.
    • Completely robust and feature rich Mobile Banking application.

    Baroda M-Connect/ BOB Mobile Banking Registration Process

    Dear users, you must be thinking now, that there are many benefits of it. But want to know how many ways are there by which you may complete your registration process very easily and thoroughly. So, do read below instructions loudly which will make you as happy as your have never before and once you will surely jump at. It is going to make your steps very easy altogether.

    • Bank of Baroda Branch: If you want to complete you registration through your base branch. Then you can submit a simple registration form and they will register you for (M-Connect Plus) Mobile Banking.
    • Internet Banking: If you are using Net Banking of BOB, then you can also do self register for Bank of Baroda Mobile Banking.
    • Unified Payment Interface: If you wish to register with the help of You can also use Bank of Baroda/BOB Unified Payment Interface (UPI): For this, you can go with ‘Baroda mPAY application’ and after self-register for Mobile Banking by using your debit card details you can use benefits of mobile banking.

    We are providing proper details below for registration process of each above option.

    Registration by Branch

    If you are willing to go for Registration through Branch then follow below mentioned steps.

    • First visit the official website of Bank of Baroda as it is and download application form of Mobile Banking OR you can visit the nearest branch of BOB for taking Mobile Banking Form.
    • You can also download the application form clicking on following link Download Application Form
    • Now, do fill all the required details in the application form as per requirement without making mistakes.
    • Then, it’s upto you that, how you want to submit it. If you wish to send it to your branch then you can or you want to submit it yourself by visiting your branch then you can.
    • You will receive an SMS on your Mobile containing Mobile Application URL link to downloading the software and Application Password and mPIN within 24hr after successful registration.
    • After complete registration, you will be able to use Baroda Mobile Banking services.

    Registration by Internet Banking/Baroda Connect (M-Connect plus)

    If you prefer doing registration through BOB Internet Banking, Then you can register for Bank of Baroda Mobile Banking through Internet Banking. Do look on below mentioned screenshot to register for mobile banking even it will make your steps easy. Image 1

    • First of all, you have to login for net banking account with your user ID and password.
    • Then, you need to go for Home/Service tab link.
    • Now, click mobile Banking Link (M-Connect Registration).
    • Afterwards, you will see M-Connect Registration Page. Read instructions and then, click on “Continue”
    • Now, enter your transaction Password and User Id.
    • Finally, you will see M-Connect Registration Acknowledgement that shows ‘M-Connect Registration Completed Successfully’

    Registration by BOB UPI (Unified Payment Interface)

    Now, you don’t have availability any of above then you can also complete your registration process through UPI (Unified Payment Interface). You have to provide your debit card credentials details to register yourself. Kindly take a sight on below mentioned screenshot to complete your process. Image 2 In above screenshot all the steps have been provided so that you may not have any trouble.

    BOB Mobile Banking Registration by ATM

    If you don’t have time and want it to be done as soon as possible, then you had better visit nearest ATM. Where you can register yourself following countable steps as mentioned below.

    • First insert your card in ATM and enter your secrete PIN
    • Now, you have to select Registration option, which is available in the Menu for M-Connect (Mobile Banking).
    • Then, type your ten digits mobile number and press OK and enter it again.
    • After validation, you will find that “Your Mobile Number Registered successfully”.
    • After successful registration, you will receive an SMS on registered mobile number having Mobile App URL link to download the software, and Application password and mPIN.
    • Download application and activate to avail M-Banking.
    • Mobile Banking-Handset and Software Download
    • If you are using Java Handsets, then downloads and Unzip the downloaded file and then you can transfer it to your mobile phone.
    • I-Phone or I-Pad then use I-Tunes App Store to download.
    • Android Phones or tablets then use Android Market/Google Play Store to download.
    • Blackberry Phones then use Blackberry App World to download.
    • Windows Phone 7.5 and 8.0 or Nokia Lumia Series then use Windows Phone Store to download.

    How to activate BOB Mobile Banking

    Now there is question? How to activate BOB Mobile Banking, so don’t worry about it at all. You can activate BOB M – Connect Plus by downloading it through Google Play Store. Now, you must be thinking that downloading is easy but what about further steps. So, dear users follow below steps as per shown in the screenshot Image 3

    • First, visit google play store then download Baroda M-Connect Plus
    • After completing of downloading process, it will install itself and then click on open.
    • Now, click on ‘Confirm’ It will verify your registered mobile number and proceed further.
    • Thereafter, create your own Application Password and proceed for next step.
    • Then, Accept terms and conditions.
    • Now, you have to enter mPIN that you received through SMS and then create your own mPIN.
    • Finally, you will see a Confirmation Message that you have updated mPIN successfully and your registration is completed.
    • Now, you can login and enjoy M-Connect features.


    Activation Process of BOB UPI ‘Baroda mPAY application’

    We have been guiding you since beginning, so, you must have come to know that we are always here for you. Now, we will tell you “How to activate BOB UPI” read below steps. Image 4

    • First of all, download Bob Unified Payment Interface (UPI) App- ‘Baroda mPAY application’ from google play store.
    • After completing of downloading process, it will install itself and then click on proceed button.
    • Now, click on Register button and fill required details.
    • Then, check Virtual Id, proceed and confirm your Mobile Number.
    • Afterwards, create your 6 Digit Login Password and then set your security question.
    • You will see a confirmation message on successful registration.
    • Finally, login and enjoy mobile banking.

    Contact details for Bank of Baroda Mobile Banking & IMPS Issues

    Mobile Banking Issues:

    • Email ID:
    • Fax Number: 022-6698-1591

    IMPS Issues:

    • Email ID:
    • Toll-free Numbers: 1800 22 33 44 & 1800 102 44 55 (24 x 7)
    • Telephone number: 022-6759-2719

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