these fifa 18 coins don’t add anything to the process apart

  • While initially immersive, these cutscenes don’t add anything to the process apart from speeding it up (you now resolve the entire negotiation in these cutscenes, instead of waiting days for fifa 18 coins). You don’t gain anything by observing both coaches in a scene (such as their facial reactions to an offer), and the animations and choices are largely the fifa 18 coins each time. A similar cutscene process then takes place when you meet with the player and their agent, and negotiate the terms. Players care about their squad role, contract length, release clause, salary, and bonuses. The issue here is that negotiations seem much more difficult – if you offer a player something they don’t like, instead of negotiating they can fifa 18 coins simply walk out right away. Completely ending talks when the player is offered slightly less salary than he makes now, with all other conditions agreed on, doesn’t seem like reasonable professional behavior. If you’d rather avoid fifa 18 coins cutscenes, you can choose players you are interested in and delegate the transfer process to an assistant. The career menu now fifa 18 points 3D scenes in the news block, mostly coaches posing, adding a little visual fifa 18 coins, but these items often never load as you simulate days between games. Also occasionally the background image in career mode goes haywire and displays a random picture of Messi, which comes and goes. You’ve still got to take care of player training, which remains a repetitive manual process that really needs to be automated better.