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  • Reasons Why Surveying Is Important October 28 Takkarist McKinley Falcons Jersey , 2013 | Author: Carey Bourdier | Posted in Education

    You might not realize just how important the profession of surveying is in our daily lives. You also might think it has more to do with making maps than anything else, but actually surveying is a crucial task that is needed to make sure that we have built roads and building and bridges properly.


    Certainly, it is a common enough site to see someone standing with a construction vest and hard hat in the middle of the road looking through a telescope-like device set up on a tripod. This is a surveyor, the device is called a theodolite Isaiah Oliver Falcons Jersey , and it’s much more than a simple telescope. It actually measures angles in horizontal plane as well as the vertical plane. Theodolites are used for many different types of surveying, and these professionals also learn how to use inclinometers, GPS receivers, digital levels and devices called total stations.


    Each tool helps a surveyor take highly accurate measurements Calvin Ridley Falcons Jersey , which are needed for many projects, not the least of which is road construction. Not only does a surveyor monitor the creation of roads, they also help build railways and even bridges. In addition, they are called in after construction to keep an eye on the complete project as it ages over time. Failure to make note of structural problems can result in huge catastrophes Vic Beasley Jr Falcons Jersey , such as when a bridge collapses. During initial construction, roads are graded and sloped according to safety standards, and surveyors are the ones who ensure that these roads can accommodate different levels of traffic and different types of vehicles.


    Throughout history, it has been the task of surveyors to set up boundary lines and they still do this today. Obviously Rush Ito Smith Jersey , when a parcel of land is transformed into a new housing tract or business center, it is important to note where property lines begin and end. However, surveyors also are called in when there is a dispute as to where boundary lines exist. This can happen in real estate lawsuits, and surveyors sometimes are the deciding factor in these cases.


    Creating boundaries is often one of the initial tasks at a new construction site Rush Deadrin Senat Jersey , but surveyors also painstakingly monitor the progress of every step of construction. They begin by making sure that the ground is level and that the foundation has been constructed properly. If the ground is not level or the foundation is not level, this can result in many serious problems. Surveying engineers also are called in to inspect older buildings to look for any serious or even minor structural issues.


    Surveyors also are used for many mapping purposes both on land and on water. This is helpful information for our naval vessels as well as commercial shipping vessels and mining operations. Surveyors also are needed to create maps of underground mines and to ensure that mines are built safely. Many mining operations employ full-time surveyors to continually monitor the mines.


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    Creating your own internet site is great; having folks visit your site and buy your products is even better. You may have already handed out fliers Rush Tevin Coleman Jersey , listed your site on your business card, and by now, you’re probably discovering that these methods just aren’t enough to get noticed.


    In order to get your site noticed you’re going to have to secure a fairly high spot in major search engine results. Basically this means a site such as Google or Bing, needs to acknowledge you in order for you to get traffic. You may or may not already have an idea about how to go about getting noticed or “indexed’ by search engines Rush Austin Hooper Jersey , but either way, it’s a tedious job getting recognized.


    Website Traffic Marketing


    Website traffic marketing describes the process of getting your site indexed by search engines. Some website owners do this themselves but most secure the services of an agency or firm that performs website traffic marketing for a fee.


    There are hundreds of companies offering website traffic marketing online but great care should be practiced when choosing to hire. Some places are reputable but others employ various tricks and devices to take your cash without bringing you actual relevant website traffic.


    Avoid all Questionable Tactics


    You can have thousands of hits that lead to no sales. Many agencies and firms use tricks to generate huge amounts of traffic but you’ll never see a dime from there visitors. Here’s why:


    Bait & Switch


    Visitors can be tricked into visiting your site with incorrectly marked links, popup windows and more. Sure, they’ve landed on your page Rush Deion Jones Jersey , but if they don’t really want to be there and they’re not interested in what you’re selling, it’s not going to generate any income for you. This type of traffic is worthless.


    Bad Bots & Spiders-Internet Pests


    Some questionable companies can program bots to visit your page regularly in order to make you think that you’re getting lots of traffic. Since the bots aren’t real folks, they can’t bring in any money. You can have a highly trafficked website but without paying customers you might as well not have a site at all.


    Spiders harvest email addresses and some of these unethical companies employ them to advertise for website owners. Basically these spiders harvest email messages from forums and websites in order to send them spam. If your website becomes regularly associated with these tactics your domain name could eventually become blacklisted and you’ll never get indexed by any major search engine.


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