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  • GPS receivers sometimes take longer to become ready to use after it’s turned on because it must acquire some basic information in addition to finding GPS satellite signals. This delay can be caused when the GPS smartphone has been unused for days or weeks Cheap Tennessee Titans Jerseys , or has been transported a far distance while turned off for. The GPS must update its almanac and ephemeris data and store it in memory. The GPS almanac is a set of data that every GPS satellite transmits. When a GPS receiver has current almanac data in memory, it can acquire signals and find initial position faster.


    GPS Hot Start is whenever the GPS enabled smartphone recalls its last known position, the satellites that had been in range at the time, together with the almanac information in memory, and attempts to connect to the same satellites and calculate a new position based upon the previous data. This is usually the quickest GPS lock but Hot Start only works if the phone is in the same general area as when the GPS was last turned off.


    GPS Warm Start means when the GPS enabled mobile phone recalls its last known position Austin Johnson Titans Jersey , and almanac used, but not which satellites were in range. It resets and attempts to find satellite signals and calculates the latest location. The GPS receiver narrows the choice of which satellites toseek because it stored its last known position and also the almanac data helps determine which satellites are within view. The Warm Start is going to take more time compared to Hot Start but not as long as a Cold Start.


    With GPS Cold Start, the device deletes all the previous data, and tries to locate satellites and complete a GPS lock. This will take more time because there is no known reference information. The GPS enabled cell phone receiver has to try to lock onto a satellite transmission from any available satellites.


    Assisted GPS, also referred to as A-GPS or AGPS Kevin Dodd Titans Jersey , enhances the performance of normal GPS in cell phones connected to the cell network. In America Sprint, Nextel, Verizon Wireless, and Alltel all use Assisted GPS. Which is a method of utilizing the cell network to accelerate acquisition of GPS satellites. A-GPS assists location tracking functions of cell phones (and also other connected devices) in two ways:


    One way will be assisting to acquire a more rapid “time to first fix” (TTFF). A-GPS receives and archives data regarding the location of satellites using the cellular network so the coordinates details does not require to be downloaded via the satellite.


    The next process is by helping locate cell phones when GPS signals are weak or not available. Because GPS satellite signals may be interfered with by tall structures, and do not go through building interiors well AGPS makes use of proximity to cellular towers to estimate position when GPS signals are not readily available.


    When satellite signals are not accessible Luke Falk Titans Jersey , or accuracy is less important than battery life, using Cell-ID is an useful alternative to GPS smartphone tracking. The position of the handset might be estimated by the cell network cell id, that determines the cell tower the cellphone is connected to. By knowing the location of this tower, you may know roughly the location where the cell phone might be. Still, a tower can cover a massive area Kevin Byard Titans Jersey , from a couple of hundred meters, in high populationdensity zones, to a few kilometers in lower density zones. This is the reason location CellID accuracy is less than than GPS accuracy. Nevertheless location using CellID still offers a really helpful alternative.


    GPS Basics
    Cell Phone GPS
    Much of the discussion dealing with GPS tracking, cell phone GPS and cell phone tracker software could be helped by a GPS Satellite primer.


    GPS satellites broadcast signals from space that GPS receivers use to determine three-dimensional location (latitude, longitude Derrick Henry Titans Jersey , and altitude) plus precise time. GPS stands for Global Positioning System and is a network that is made up of 3 main segments: Space Segment, Control Segment and User Segment.


    The GPS Space Segment consists of twenty-four to thirty-two satellites that orbit the earth at a height of about 12,000 miles. These satellites are referred to as the GPS Constellation, and they make an orbit twice a day. They are not parked over one spot, they travel at over 7 Jack Conklin Titans Jersey ,000 mph. They are solar powered but have battery backup for when they are in the earth?s shadow. They are positioned so that there are at least 4 satellites ?visible? from any point on earth. Small rocket boosters on each satellite keep them properly positioned. The satellites last about ten years until all their fuel runs out.


    GPS Satellites are not communications satellites. Geostationary or communications satellites are at a much higher orbit of about 22,300 miles above the equator. These satellites are used for weather forecasting, satellite TV, satellite radio and most other types of global communications. At exactly 22,000 miles above the equator Jonnu Smith Titans Jersey , the earth’s force of gravity and centrifugal forces are offset and are in balance. This is the ideal location to position a stationary satellite. The earth rotates at about 1,000 miles an hour, and because of their high earth orbit the earth-synchronous satellites need to travel at about 7,000 mph to keep position. This is just about the same speed as GPS satellites, but since geostationary satellites are 10 Taywan Taylor Titans Jersey ,000 miles further away they stay in place relative to the earth.


    The GPS Control Segment is composed of Master Control Station, an Alternate Master Control Station, and a host of dedicated and shared Ground Antennas and Monitor Stations that work together to ensure the satellites are working to specification and the data they send to earth is accurate.
    The GPS User Segment consists of of GPS receivers taking the shape of cell phones and , laptop

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