What are the useful services provided by the atm?

  • Most people think of an ATM as little more than a money withdrawal station. Even when businesses and banks offer free ATM services or access, consumers rarely take advantage of all that these machines have to offer. Here, we’ll look at some of the many useful services provided by these machines, so you won’t make that same mistake!

    Refill Your Phone

    Many mobile carriers that offer pay-as-you-go plans also offer the ability to refill your phone’s service directly from an ATM machine. Simply look for the “refill mobile” option when you’re at the ATM next. The popularity and widespread use of pay-as-you-go services make this a very useful service, indeed.

    Pay Your Taxes

    It only makes sense that the number one concern of many when it comes to money – paying your taxes – would be a service available from the place where you most often go to handle your money. You will have to register for an account with your local bank or visit your nearest branch to use the on-site ATM for this service, but it’s still a convenient location for most to handle a potentially inconvenient task!

    Pay Your Insurance Premiums 

    Having insurance policies on your home, your vehicle, and even your life are all smart financial decisions. What could make them even smarter? Being able to quickly and easily make payments to your insurance provider right from your nearest ATM machine. It makes protecting your family and your posterity easier than ever.

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    Pay Your Bills 

    Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just push a few buttons and have your bills taken care of for the month? With today’s ATM technology, you can do exactly that. Next time you visit the ATM, look for options to pay your bills directly from the machine. You’ll be in and out and on your way in no time, and your bills will be paid by the time you leave.

    Book Tickets 

    Did you know that some ATM machines offer the ability to book railway, airline, and other tickets directly from their screen? When you need transportation around your area, consult your ATM for fast service and speedy withdrawal of funds to make it happen.

    Apply for a Loan 

    If you need a personal loan, your first stop might not be your nearest free ATM – but perhaps it should be! Today’s ATM machines offer the chance for some users to apply for personal loans. You will still need to allow for your credit to be accessed and used for establishing your eligibility, but there’s no faster way to see if you qualify than to check right from the ATM!

    Fatten Up Your Bank Account 

    Many jobs offer cash tips or incentives to workers. Likewise, many professionals in the modern workforce freelance, and may be paid in cash or other formats that don’t directly deposit into their bank accounts. Whatever your reason for having cash on hand, getting it into your bank account has never been easier than with the advent of ATMs as cash depositories. Many banks offer cash depositing services so fast and easy, they have your account updated the moment you drive away from the ATM. Now, that’s money at today’s speed!