How to Reset Your Yahoo! Email Password?

  • Yahoo is all about sending and receiving emails as well as can be used to get access to the latest trends and news from all over the world. To do all this you need to have a Yahoo account and make sure to set a password for it.

    Sometimes it is important to keep changing your Yahoo password frequently so as to avoid any illegal access to your account. There is also a need to change the password if you think you have set a very simple password or if your password is very difficult to remember. Also, if anytime you have forgotten your Yahoo email password then you have to go through the password reset process. Yahoo Technical Support is also there in case you need help to reset your Yahoo account password.

    If you simply want to change your Yahoo account’s password, then follow the given steps:

    1. Go to Yahoo’s website and log into your Yahoo account.
    2. After logging in, click on the ‘Account Info’ option and from there click on the ‘Account Settings’ option.
    3. Next, click on ‘Change your password’ option given on the page.
    4. After this, you can enter a new password for your account replacing the old one and enter it again to confirm.
    5. Save the new password and login using the new password. You can also add your phone number in order to make it more secure.

    You can also call at the Yahoo Help Number to get help for the password changing process.

    If you want to reset your password if you don’t remember it anymore, then you can follow the steps mentioned below:

    1. Go to the Yahoo’s password reset page and enter your Yahoo account’s information.
    2. Click on continue which will provide you with some preset options.
    3. You can use your phone number or email address to reset the password.
    4. If you are using your phone number, click on the option ‘Yes, text me an account key’. After that, you will receive a verification code on your phone number which you have to enter in the given field.
    5. In case you are using your alternate email address to reset the password, then select the option’ ‘Yes, email me an account key’ after which you will receive the verification code in the email at the address provided by you.
    6. Now, enter the verification code and then you have to set a new password for your account. Enter the new password and verify it and then you can log in using the new password.

    For situations where you feel stuck while resetting your Yahoo’s password then make sure to call at the Yahoo Support Number where our technical team members will help you to get through the password reset process. Also, for other Yahoo related issues, you can obtain the necessary help from our side as we possess all type of technical expertise required for Yahoo.