How do I activate Kaspersky on another computer?

  • Kaspersky Lab creates a number of the very best antivirus software for Windows operating system. Kaspersky Antivirus, Kaspersky Internet Security, and Kaspersky Total Security would be the 3 popular commercial goods from Kaspersky Lab.

    Readers frequently ask us if it is possible to transfer Kaspersky license from one PC to another. In short, the answer is, yes.

    If you’ve got a Kaspersky product installed on an old PC and want to transfer the Kaspersky license to some other computer, you can do this with ease provided you have the 20-character Kaspersky license code with you.

    To transfer Kaspersky Antivirus, Internet Security or Total Security permit from one computer to another, you want to uninstall the Kaspersky product from your previous computer, download a fresh copy of Kaspersky product install, install the exact same in your new PC, then activate Kaspersky on the newest PC with the 20-character Kaspersky license essential. If you cannot find the key, refer to the directions in our how to recuperate Kaspersky license key guide.


    Transferring Kaspersky permit a new PC

    This is how to move the Kaspersky license from 1 PC to the next.

    Step 1: On your previous PC from where you would like to move the Kaspersky permit, uninstall Kaspersky Antivirus, Internet Security, or Total Security.

    You can uninstall Kaspersky like some additional software, however, if you’re having issues, utilize the official Kaspersky Removal Tool.

    While uninstalling Kaspersky, although not mandatory, we recommend you connect your PC to the net so that Kaspersky Lab will come to understand about the uninstallation of its product from your PC.kaspersky internet security

    Step 2: After the Kaspersky is removed from your PC, download a fresh copy of Kaspersky Antivirus, Internet Security or Total Security. We recommend you download the installation file only from Kaspersky rather than from unknown sources.

    kaspersky download

    Step 3: Install the Kaspersky product on your new computer. When the setup is done, you will understand the Activation window where you need to enter the license code.

    Type the 20-character permit code you’ve got with you from the fields. Last, click the Publish button to connect to the Kaspersky Lab servers and then activate your product.

    Remember that it is not possible to activate your Kaspersky merchandise when your PC is offline. So make sure you link your PC to the net whilst entering the activation code.

    kaspersky download with activation code

    To transfer a license between computers, you’ll have to remove it from the old computer and activate it on the new one. To do so:

    1. Find your activation code:
    • in the event that you purchased your product in the , then your activation code will have been shipped into the email you used when creating your purchase.
    • If you bought a boxed version of this item, you will find your activation code in the Quick Start Guide.
    • In the event that you purchased a permit renewal card, visit the code on the back of the card.

    If your program is activated, connect it to My Kaspersky and search the code up in the Licenses tab of My Kaspersky. Watch this article for instructions.

    1. Eliminate the Kaspersky Lab product in the older computer. See this article for instructions.

    If your old computer doesn’t work, proceed to another step.

    Find the product on the Kaspersky Lab website and then download it on your new computer.

    kaspersky download

    1. Run the setup file and follow the instructions in these posts:
    • Kaspersky Total Security 18, 19
    • Kaspersky Security Cloud 19
    1. Activate the application. Watch the manuals in these posts:
    • Kaspersky Total Security 18, 19
    • Kaspersky Small Office Security 5 PC, 5 FS, 6

    The expectation, these all above show methodology will help you in Kaspersky password recuperation in each situation. Anyway, in the event that you require more help, you can contact Kaspersky support phone number+1-800-499-8497 day in and day out to have a moment recuperation of your lost password.

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