Path Of Exile adds DIY Dungeons from the Synthesis league

  • Crafting has long been important in Path Of Exile, as well as the Synthesis expansion will let players assemble his or her custom dungeons in Grinding Gear’s free-to-play action RPG. Due on March 8th and (partially) supplanting the Betrayal league, Synthesis sends players right into a fragmented dream-world to POE Orbs recoup the memories of Cavas, a brand new ghostly character. Players will collect dream-dungeon fragments and assemble them using a board game-like map to bridge gaps along the void, and maybe grab some fancy new craftable gear from the process. See the trailer below.
    For several months which the Synthesis league will run, every area from the regular world map will include a portal with a memory – a timed, miniature side-dungeon. Players must rush through these before they’re consumed by way of a blue, swirling void, and activate several Memory Stabilisers. Hit enough Buy POE Orbs therefore you’re rewarded with loot, as well as a Memory Fragment. These fragments – each representing a portion of map, with assorted environment types and around four entry/exit points – is usually assembled into custom dungeons from the Memory Nexus, Cavas’s domain.