The turning point of today's game buy mt in the third quarter

  • The turning point of today's game appeared in the buy mt quarter. The Pacers only scored 8 points and lost power on the offensive end (2 shots in the sports battle). The Green Army will reverse the situation and take the initiative in one fell swoop. Keep it in your hands. "I don't think we can make our own style," Pacers coach Nate McMillan talked about the poor performance of the team in the third quarter. "They completely control the rhythm of the buy mt and have not lost it since then." Although the Pacers were very uncomfortable against the Green Army today, the defensive of the Indians in this buy mt did not leave too many opportunities for the Green Army. The Green Army team's shooting buy mt is only 36.4%, and the audience is even 90 points. "This ball is like the playoffs of the 1980s," Green Army coach Brad Stevens said after the buy nba mt. "Although both sides are trying to score, who wants to score on the other side?" It’s not easy, they’re playing hard today, and we’re having a lot of room for improvement.” In the first quarter of the game, the Bucks at home played quickly into the state. Lopez took the buy mt and opened the record for the Bucks. After the two brothers hit the inside line buy cheap mt, they scored 2+1. Lopez and Middleton also followed. In the long-range shot, the Pistons only relied on Zhuang Shen to score 4 points in the paint.