Factors To Consider When Selecting Your Mechanical Seals

  • Someone who lacks the required experience in buying API Seals or other type of mechanical seals could find the entire process very challenging. You may not know where to get started and how to go about finding the best seals for your process requirements. of course even those who have a vast experience in this field now would have started where exactly you are now at one point of time. So do not get discouraged that you lack the required knowledge and experience in this field. You can start exploring and learn as you go. However it is important that you acquire enough knowledge before you select your mechanical seals or at least you should use professional assistance in making the right choices. This is not an area that you could afford to take risks.

    Before you decide whether Agitator Seals are the best fit for you or API Seals are right fit, first review your own operational settings. The best point to get started with is your own requirements. You should have a complete understanding of your own process setting in which the seals would be used. Are you looking for replacement seals or are you in setting up a completely new process which requires these seals? You need to have all the required technical specifications without which it is not possible for you to make the right choices.

    Depending on your operational settings you should take the following factors into account. If your seals are going to be exposed to abrasive liquids extensively then they should be made of a highly durable material that can withstand the wear and tear. You need to take time to review the material properties and get professional input so that you are not required to go for frequent replacements. Go for materials that have high wear and tear resistance.

    You need to take into account the temperature settings to which the seals would be exposed to and in some cases the temperatures go beyond 200 degrees Celsius will the seals you select withstand such high temperatures and still not give into the pressure? Carefully review all these operational parameters. You should understand that each material has its own character and threshold limits. It is important that you understand these parameters clearly only then you can count on the mechanical seals you install.

    Along with the technical specifications you should also make sure that the seals you obtain are of the finest quality. There are several manufacturers in the industry and you need to spot the right manufacturers based on their industry reputation. Do not rush to make your selections. It is worth investing enough time to screen your suppliers because only then you will be able to identify the best manufacturers and the finest quality seals. On the one hand you should get the best value for your money and on the other hand there are also safety concerns that need to be addressed effectively.