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  • I Choose You! mega Pokemon is a retelling of the Pokemon anime’s beginnings. Ash
    Ketchum picks up a surly Pikachu from Professor Oak and begins his quest
    to become a master — but that’s where the similarities between the film
    and the original TV show end. Instead of Brock and Misty, Ash is joined
    by trainers named Verity and Sorrel. There’s also Pokemon from beyond
    the Kanto region in this version of Ash’s origin story, including the
    new mythical monster Marshadow.
    Raid Battles draw inspiration from
    the very first Pokemon Mega teaser, which showed a pack of Pokemon
    players fighting against Pokemon Mewtwo in Times Square. This
    multiplayer feature has been a long time coming, so now that it’s
    finally here, all we need is that Pokemon Mewtwo to take on. Given that
    previous datamines have been accurate, we could be seeing it sooner than
    Instantfuns hasn’t said when Pokemon Mewtwo will be available
    worldwide, although Pokemon players were able to fight it at a special
    event this weekend. Those who defeated the Pokemon Mewtwo Raid Battle
    then had a 100 percent chance of catching the Pokemon, which mitigates
    some of global Pokemon online players’ concerns. But it’s clear that the Raid
    Battle mechanic has changed Pokemon Mega in fundamental ways for many
    Pokemon players — and maybe not for the better.
    The shorter one is
    above, running a breezy 18 seconds. If you’ve ever wanted to see a pack
    of Pikachu jump rope together, here you go:
    The developer hasn't said
    when we'll be able to catch Articuno. We guess it will be part of a
    legendary Raid Battle sometime this year. But Pokemon players will soon
    find themselves in battle with Lugia in the meantime, at least; everyone
    worldwide will have the chance to fight and capture it starting
    You won’t have to be at Pokemon Mega Fest to reap the rewards.
    for Articuno, Pokemon players have themselves to thank for unlocking
    that one. Because Team Mystic, the blue group of trainers represented by
    the legendary ice-type, caught the most Pokemon and earned the most
    rewards today, Instantfuns will unleash Articuno in its honor.

    Mega Fest runs from 10 a.m. CT to 7 p.m. CT, so tune in to Pokemon
    Mega’s Twitch channel between then to catch the stream.

    If you would like further information on Pokemon Mega, visit

    Also welcome to try our new H5 game - Sword Art Online.

  • 1/8/18 at 1:00 AM -
    11/23/18 at 1:00 AM
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I Choose You! is a retelling of the Pokemon anime’s beginnings

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