How Can You Successfully Sustain Path Of Exile Alchemy Orbs?

  • In Path of Exile, some players not being to sustain maps and currency (especially alchemy), so I run some experiments in standard, you will pose a tremendous challenge if you aren't prepared, therefore, it is important for you to read the following article completely.

    I was running a dps character with southbound and elemental focus in my main damage links to ensure that I don't kill any monsters and my friend was running a full magic find build with legacy items and culling the low hp monsters.

    190% increased item quantity + 247% increased item rarity + legacy bisco with 100% quantity for normal mobs and 150% rarity for magic mobs. Of course, you can buy these items on u4gm.

    We did about 20 tier 10 maps with between 50% and 70% map quantity and results were extremely disappointing. We didn't use any zana mods, no chisels and no sextants, just alch and go.

    The above screenshot shows unfiltered loot from two packs of mobs (each pack containing between 15 and 20 monsters) and as you can see the loot is almost non - existent while we should be getting insane amount of items from the sheer amount of quantity we have.

    Then we did a tier 15 carcass map with 92% map quantity and killed about 40 - 50 mobs next to a shrine and again the loot was mediocre at best.

    We will test more once we get 6 people in the party to get a better idea of the drops, but from the looks of it GGG has nerfed the base quantity of white monsters to almost 0% because magic, rare and boss monsters still drop a lot of loot.

    They haven't mentioned anything about monster quantity changes anywhere in the patch notes and this is something that's either bugged or intentional. If it's an intentional change then I don't even know why anyone is playing this game anymore. I thought people play ARPGs to kill monsters and pick up loot, but looks like we can't do any of those two things in the current patch. It appears white monsters are not affected by IIQ at all.